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The Base

The base for children and adolescents in Wenshan serves not only as a playground of the youth, but also a platform for a variety of youth service organizations to maximize their social outreach efforts. These organizations hold regular meetings to discuss youth-related issues, and they also start a database of lecturers as well as a resource manual.

 As active member, Twilight Box introduces academic resources in the fields of education, counselling and consultation from NCCU so as to professionalize its training courses for both potential social workers and teenagers hesitant about their future career. At present, Twilight Box is particularly committed to designing a vocational aptitude test and a series of training courses on youth empowerment for teenagers from Ankang Community, pushing them beyond self-limit and unleashing their hidden potential.

All fellow members of the base: NCCU Prospering Ankang-Benefiting Wenshan Project, Twilight Box, Shunxing Community Development Association, Mingxing Community Development Association, Lefu Community Care Center, Muzha Branch of I-Link Community Services Associatinons, Ankang Low-cost Housing, Modern Women’s Foundation, Wanfang Baptist Church、Wenshan Social Welfare Department, and Youth Corner.

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