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Law Camp

Besides Mingdao Elementary school's occasional Legal Education Advocacy Course, our program also plans a Legal Life Camp. Every winter and summer, a three day event will let children be able to have fun with their Chinese studies. This event will also use relatively simple methods to help them understand the basics of legal knowledge.


In the camp’s three days, the designed course will also be accompanied by group ice-breakers, board games and other activities. These activities will allow the students to be able to diversify their learning methods for legal concepts. Besides these activities, we will also plan a visit to the Courts for students to be introduced to how the court proceedings and its internal roles function, bringing students closer to the Courts’ real operations. 


On the last day of the camp, we will make the students perform a theatrical performance in small groups. Through role-play and wearing costumes, the children will be able to experience the feeling of being in a legal position. At the same time, this theatrical performance will also reiterate the importance of the law. With these activities, we expect students to enjoy learning, fully reaping the rewards of this program.

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