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New Immigrant Services

There are many new immigrants in Ankang Community and most of them are immigrants from Southeast Asia. This has relation to the refugee resettlement after the Vietnam War, and marriage-based immigration. As a result, Ankang Community had developed into a multi-ethnic area.

Through Collaborative Ethnography method, this subproject aims to understand the real needs of new immigrants and their moving experience. Also, through interdisciplinary cooperation, we set up community classes including Mandarin lessons for immigrants, tutoring class for transnational students, and learning Vietnamese through food activities. We hope to make Taiwanese and new immigrants understand each other and appreciate each other's language and culture through caring and empowering new immigrants, hence facilitating Taiwan towards an inclusive country that respects diversities and multiculturalism. In the future, we hope to establish an interactive Mandarin learning platform and organization for immigrant children through transnational collaboration to benefit transnational students.


Immigrants Mandarin Class


Transnational Students Tutoring


Group Coaching for Transnational Students

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