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Workshops on Poverty Studies

During this program’ implementation, the project team observed that the cause of the community’s poverty has a high degree of complexity, which is both dynamic and cyclical. Therefore, the program team hopes that through holding a Symposium focusing specifically on issues of poverty, these nuances can be explored. People from both inside and outside of the school who have a speciality in research or scholars with practical expertise will be assembled to focus on setting up this school year’s project’s topic of discussion, guidebook, course of lectures, experienced discussions, workshops, and other formalities. This will strengthen the project group’s ability to carry out the project and conduct research. Furthermore, dates will be specified for the different Symposium topics as well as this year’s annual meeting on poverty issues. In order to call on society to care about poor people, we need to establish a sustainable example for our country. 


The Symposium on Poverty Issues invites Taiwan’s relevant leaders or scholars with expertise in education, urban poverty, and residential policy issues to discuss the truth behind the poverty trap. At the end of the 109th year, this program will use this year’s Symposium on Poverty Issues to make conclusions on the series of discussions. We will also invite the participants to inspect the program site, so that local residents can share their real-life experiences with the cooperating partners. This Symposium will launch exchanges and dialogues between theoretical approaches and reality. 

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