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Twilight Box

In May 2018, several students at National Chengchi University started a club called “Twilight Box” in order to accompany children wandering in the street late at night. Knowing children’s prickliness is merely a camouflage for their vulnerability, Twilight Box designs all kinds of activities and services only to carry through the idea of “long-term companionship,” disarming these children and setting them free to dream. By congregate meals, counselling services, empowerment programs, fellowship activities and excursions, Twilight Box has been creating an environment where children are able to make peace with negative emotions, build a stronger sense of self, and develop appropriate behaviors.


-congregate meals & counselling service: couch the children through their emotions by having meals together, counselling or even chitchatting.

-empowerment program: design interest exploration activities for the child and vocational training for the adolescent.

- fellowship activities: let children engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

-adventure time: cultivate teamwork and self-challenge through team-building exercises and excursions.


The Twilight Box is about to start an association officially named “臺灣兒少玩心教育協會.” By adapting organizational structure, they expect to enlarge their social services, and to fulfil the following five missions: promote children’s right to leisure, promote vocational training, facilitate multicultural models of education, implement mental health supports, and build Social Safety Net 2.0.

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